How to care for your Latex Gear

Rubber can last years if taken care of correctly. But there are few things you need to do:

*Latex doesn't like anything sharp! This means anything from finger nails to catching on the corner of a table.
*How you store your gear is very important. Always store in a cool dry place, hanging if preferable.
*Always keep your items powdered (Baby Powder) both when wearing and storing.
*Please take care when putting your item on. Don't rush it, take it slow and work the item on one step at a time.
*When using an inflatable item, try to avoid using your mouth to inflate it. Moister can get in between the latex and cause it to perish. Try using a hang pump or air compressor.
*Some people can have an allergic reaction to rubber (Latex Allergy). Please be aware when using our items.
*Should latex rip, puncher or tear. If the damage isn't too great, this can be repaired using a bicycle repair kit found in most stores.